CU Research Park (BMX Trails) - Sept. 16 '07

In June '07 I went into the R/C Hobbies store in Boulder, CO to get some parts. As I was at the counter paying I noticed this website's business card on the counter. It was for a place called Boulder R/C. I went back to work and checked out the site out of curiosity. The net of it is that I found a forum of like-minded people right here in my back yard.

After several months of the "let's get together" - "nah, I can't" stuff, we finally setup a day and time to go out to the CU Research Park in Boulder, CO. When Dageek and I got there our buddy Jason was there but nobody else we could see so thought that we'd be the only ones. But lo and behold, people started showing up left and right. Turns out they had been in various places around the area and all converged. We ended up with a total of eight guys and probably 30 vehicles of all shapes and sizes. rcmooch brought his tractor puller, RC18T, T4 and others. Tai brought his Traxxas nitro collection which included a hella nice Jato and T-Maxx. Skiflite brought his Mini-LST and firetacoma brought his Axial Scorpion rock crawler. Dageek and I obviously brought the usual family members.

The "BMX track" as it is informally called is AWESOME if you're into jumping or just having nice dirt track to drive on. There is even a banked corner with lots of loose dirt for those times when you want to fly around a corner and kick up some sick rooster tails in the process. We didn't actually take pictures of the area itself but you can see some of the details in the pics below and we'll take more when we're there the next time. There's even a nice big parking lot where you can run your on-road stuff or get up a good amount of speed to jump the ramp we built (and land in soft grass).

The net of it is that the Boulder R/C Club got kicked into a higher gear due in part to this great family building excercise (at least I think so). We're looking at tearing up the BMX track twice a month so keep checking back for new photos and, soon enough, vidz. This was an awesome experience made even more awesome by having made new friends. If you're in Colorado around the Boulder County area, check out the website and then come out with us for some fun.

The prepared to have the bike Nazis try and run you off (they feel this area is not meant for R/C people). It's not all of them (many more were willing to share than were trying to run us off...our thanks to those who are willing to share and play fair). Regardless, also be informed that the Boulder PD spoke to us and blessed our playing there so we ain't goin' nowhere!!!!!!!

Special Ed

Weather = Sunny and warm with rain late in the day after everyone started leaving
Bash site = Public and open
Broken parts = Evader tranny case, E-Maxx tie rod end, SuperSport brushless ESC (caught fire), T4 chassis, and others we can't remember Quality of terrain = Excellent, good mix of loose and packed dirt, jumps and trails

Geek Brothers' Rating = (I would give it more for the comraderie aspect but we didn't create a jpeg for more than five :-)

Additional Pictures