Broomfield, CO - Feb. 23 '08

Mick the Flying Dutchman put together a little gathering at his house for the Boulder RC Club members and their families. Three of us showed up. It was a nice day outside and we had a blast. It started in the drainage area next to his cul-de-sac but had to be moved due to a neighbor not appreciating the musical quality of 2-stroke HPI Bajas tearing around at full speed :)

We moved to a vacant lot behind a church. As it was Saturday there was nobody there we could disturb. The area was flat and had a lot of prairie dog holes. Those holes/mounds made driving an entertaining experience. Each of us ended up on our lids more than once thanks to the vermin. Still, it didn't dampen our spirits or stop us from tearing the shiznit up.

The four of us (3 Bajas and 1 Savage) survived without any serious damage. We got a few good pics and a video clip of Mick's Baja doing a perfect barrel roll and landing (just can't get it from the mini-DVD yet). Somehow all of my Savage pics were blurry or worthless. Sorry Fearless, it wasn't intentional :)

Special Ed

Weather = Sunny and warm-ish with cooling wind later
Bash site = Public and open
Broken parts = Baja 5B cracked rear shock tower upright
Quality of terrain = Good, mix of loose and packed dirt, sticks and prairie dog holes

Geek Brothers' Rating =

Additional Pictures