North Sand Hills, Walden, Colorado - July '08

The North Sand Hills near Walden, Colorado are a gem of a place for RC junkies. You put the sand paddles on the little guys and you've got hours and days worth of fun ahead of you. Dageek was jonesin' for sand but wasn't looking forward to the 8 hour drive to the Needles Outpost again so we looked closer to home. It took us less than two hours to get there. The drive is beautiful once you get past Ft. Collins. The dunes are also at a high elevation so the July temps were just about right. There was sand everywhere you turned so we could run pretty much everywhere. Right in front of the campsite there was a road that drove through and it was completely sandy as well. After we took the family photo, Dageek instantly got Neo into the sand and flying. Kicking up rooster tails was easy...but we definitely ate a lot of sand because of that fact.

The campsite itself was nice enough. There were sufficient flat areas to put the tent and other gear. We had a bit of tree cover but it wasn't enough to make shade really. We had the canopy again so could retreat under it when the sun got too intense. Out on the dunes, however, there was really nowhere to get shade. It was a long walk to and from the truck and to pretty much anywhere shaded (at least on the dunes where we ran). The biggest pain (literally) was having to run or walk up the hills to get to your trucks when they flipped...and they will flip. Both Dageek and Special Ed spent some down time trying to recover from the hikes. Dageek, of course, let the world know that he had conquered the hills.

Not much more to say other than I think we are going to make this place a regular since we can get up there for short weekend trips. And in general, the sand is much kinder to our vehicles than hard rocks are. Of course Norm decided to stop working after the first day of running for some unknown reason. He's going to get a chance to redeem himself on the next trip though.

Weather = Let's see...sun, sun and more sun
Campsite = Private but not secluded
Broken parts = Unknown Norm issue, broken Evader dogbone, Baja spur gear.
Quality of terrain = Mmmmmmmm...sand

Geek Brothers' Rating =

Additional Pictures

Family photo

The campsite

Dageek directing traffic

Woody pecker

Neo tearin' it up

Our campsite guest

Roads/trails near our campsite

Neo got stuck

Neo tearin' it up s'more

Ninja tearin' it up

Ninja posing for the camera

Ninja tearin' it up s'more