Setup Sheet For XRC 1/5 racing car
Date  4/28/2007   Car XRC
Track Moorebank   Body Honda
Temperature     Engine XRC
Track Notes     Pipe Stock
  Front Rear   Comments
Tires Kronos Kronos    
Left Used 30 Used 27    
Right Used 30 Used 27    
Springs Harm  Harm Also cut orginals to 60 mm, found the
  White White white Harm 60mm work better
  7000 5000    
Droop use front screws      
  6 mm 10 mm Rear shock inserted 12mm silicone tube
Location Stock Stock    
  0-1 Deg. 2.5 Deg.    
        Move front top arms all the way back
bar None used None used    
2mm=1 Zero 2.5 Deg    
Anti-squat     Clutch:
      Stock Clutch shoes with Zenoa clutch spring
Ride Height     Brake Cable:
  9-10 mm 10-11 mm Replaced front brake cables with Harm ones.
      Found to be much beter and more consistant.
Rear Wing        
Steering arm        
Gearing Pinion XRC 28  Spur XRC 36    
Differential Stock      
Spark Plug