Who is Dageek?

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Name: Dageek

Physical Age: 35

Mental Age: 10 1/2

Aliases: Chester Pedogeek, Geekf, Thunderman, Punt

RC Vehicles: Neo, Ninja, Ripper, Buzz, Lil Devil

Dageek is the master of all things PC and Windows. If he doesn't know how to do it, it can't be done. The same cannot be said for his social skills. The reason Special Ed and Dageek are such good friends is because neither of them is capable of dealing with people on normal levels. Dageek is definitely the worst of the two as he would much rather be buried under a PC's cover than hanging out with a group of people.

Dageek got bitten by the RC bug on an outing to Lake McConaughy, Nebraska in 2005. He was busy minding his own business jonesin' for a ride on a jet ski drinking a beer when the other guys broke out their T-Maxx trucks. Being of sound body, but not mind, Dageek was instantly addicted to nitro trucks. That's when all hell broke loose in the Geek household. I am trying to recall the last thought Dageek had that wasn't in some way related to nitro RC trucks. It was honestly so long ago I can't remember what it was.

Geek is now the proud owner of two T-Maxx trucks. Dumb, his first, and Ripper (stolen from Special Ed). Both started life as Pro .15 versions of the truck. Ripper now sports a 2.5R racing engine but is essentially still a Pro .15. Dageek spends long hours cleaning and tuning these babies.

!!!!UPDATE!!!! 9-19-06
DaGeek deciced to sell his first T-maxx, Dumb, in April of '06 in hopes of sinking the profits into a new T-maxx. Instead, he purchased a bunch of aluminum upgrades and such for the t-maxx and bought a Duratrax Evader Buggy and 2 Duratrax Evader Stadium Trucks.

!!!!UPDATE!!!! 10-26-06
Dageek is now selling his buggy, Lil Devil! What is this world coming to?!?!?! He's selling the buggy because he wants to put the money into a Novak SS5800 brushless powerplant for Neo. Of course that was brought on by jealousy...he couldn't let Short Bus have a faster vehicle than his old man!!!

Dageek working
on Dumb

Dageek holding
Lil Devil

Dageek working
on Lil Devil

Dageek working on
Neo at MHOR R/C

Dageek in the

July 4th 2007 @ Mom's

Dageek 'n' Ripper