Buzz - Dageek's Reef Racer 2

Buzz is the first R/C water craft to join the fleet. He isn't the fastest thing on the water, but he is a hoot to drive. Nothing upgraded on him yet and not sure that he will be. He did come with a very fancy stand which was listed on the box. Dageek tore the box apart looking for the so-called "Stand" and finally found it. He missed it because he assumed the foam v-shaped block Buzz was packaged with was just packaging. Nope, it was the advertised "Boat stand". He ended up cutting out a 2x4 to the same size and made the v-shape cut. Dageek sanded it down real good, attached another 2x4 block underneath that and glued some padding down and painted it red to make his own stand.

Here are Buzz's details and some pics....

Aquacraft 380-size electric water-cooled motor
2-channel pistol grip radio w/audible low batt alarm, steering trim, built-in handle
7.2V 1100mAh NiMH battery pack (6 cell)
30-minute 12V field charger.