Who is Short Bus?

Name: Short Bus

Physical Age: 13

Mental Age: Newborn

Aliases: Punk, Demon Spawn

RC Vehicles: Lil Pedro

Short Bus is Dageek's firstborn son. It was shortly after Short Bus was born that Dageek and Special Ed met and became friends. Short Bus has a variety of interests other than RC. He's into hockey, baseball, girls and needlepoint. Though he may never get into the Hockey or Baseball Halls of Fame, you will probably see his handiwork in the annual issue of "Needlepoint For Real Men" magazine.

Short Bus's first hobby grade RC vehicle was Lil Pedro, a Traxxas Stampede. It was a necessary purchase because Short Bus had a tendency to roll Ripper down steep cliffs at high rates of speed. Not wanting to have to replace all of the parts on Ripper each time Short Bus ran him, Dageek figured it would be best for him to have his own. Short Bus's story is just beginning..........

Short Bus col' chillin'
at Carter Lake

Short Bus dodging
Lil Devil