Lil Pedro - Short Bus' Stampede

Lil Pedro is Short Bus' first hobby grade RC vehicle. Dageek offered it up as a bribe to keep the kid from selling his little brother on the black market. Pedro is running on all stock 'Pede parts at this time. He uses Reedy GP3300 batteries for power. Over the next year or so Dageek and Special Ed may be giving Short Bus some hop-up parts to make Lil Pedro a more powerful force in the world of RC. We'll update the page as things happen.

Here are Lil Pedro's details and some pics....

Traxxas Stampede 2WD Monster Truck
272 Magnum transmission
Novak Electronics RMF Super Sport Brushless System 8.5
Traxxas Shocks XX Big Bore
RPM Suspension arms f/r
Fastlane Machine aluminun super chassis
Fastlane Machine f/r shock towers
Fastlane Machine chassis braces
ESP wheelie bar w/skid plate
RPM wide bumper front (black)
Pro-Line Moab tires on RPM Clawz chrome wheels