Below you will find links to pages for each of the vehicles in our fleet. We'll post descriptions that include what kind of hop-ups they have, body make and colors we used when painting them.
Monster Trucks

Ripper (T-Maxx)

Stitch (E-Maxx)

Lil Pedro (Stampede)

Sampson (Mini-LST2)

Stadium Trucks

Shlimp (XXX-T)

Devo (Evader ST Pro)

Neo (Evader ST)

Ninja (Evader ST)

FAWG (Waterproofed Evader ST)


Buzz (Reef Racer 2)

Shackled Spirit (Herzog Hurricane)

Large Scale

Norm (HPI Baja 5B)

Milt (HPI Baja 5T)


Blade (Hobbico SkyFly 40")

Odds 'n' Ends

Geek Brothers' Garage

Dumb - SOLD
R.I.P. 4/13/06

Lil Devil - SOLD
R.I.P. 07/18/07

Gitis - SOLD
R.I.P. 12/18/07

Cephus - SOLD
R.I.P. 12/15/08

R.I.P. 9/23/09