Devo - Special Ed's Evader ST

Devo is a Duratrax Evader ST stadium truck (Special Ed has a jones for stadium trucks). He came with a Speed Gems 10T motor and Duratrax Intellispeed 12T ESC. When we first ran him he seemed to have almost no power. Looking at the condition of the motor it appeared this was due to the motor needing some maintenance (and it does). Special Ed bought a Trinity D6 double wound flat wire 12x2 motor and popped it in. Devo still crept along slowly.

That's when Ed decided to take the tranny and diff apart to give it a good cleaning. It turns out that the diff gear was totally fried. The center portion of the gear had completely separated from the outer portion. The diff balls were melted into the plastic. That, and a whole lot of funk in the tranny, is the reason for Devo looking like a wimp.

The tranny and diff have been replaced with a stock setup from an Evader ST Pro and Devo now flies. He's actually as fast as Stitch. There's video of him up on the Vidz page. The 10T motor has been cleaned and is now running again. There was a point where we thought the motor and/or ESC had gone bad in Devo so Ed got a new D6 12x2 motor and an LRP A.I. Automatic Pro Reverse Digital ESC with a 10T limit. It turns out neither the ESC nor the motor were actually bad so we have a spare setup. Ed also got an Orion Method R 15x2 motor (pro bearing version) to test out the ESC.

When you have so many trucks you start tinkering with things. Devo got tinkered into being a street truck :-) We often run the trucks on asphalt because that's what we have the easiest access to. For that reason Special Ed bought street tires and some new HPI Typhoonz wheels to put them on. Just installing road tires isn't enough to make a stadium truck handle driving on-road easily...they tend to want to tip when cornering. Ed therefore adjusted the shocks so that Devo rides a lot closer to the ground. He also put a heavier 40+ wt. in the shocks to stiffen them up. When you add the new wheels and tires you get one mean street truck machine (look at the pics of Devo in his Camaro body and you'll see what we're talking about). Of course Ed still has to learn how to drive the thing but that's a different story altogether!

Here are Devo's details and some pics....

Duratrax Evader ST (upgraded with ST Pro graphite parts)
Trinity D6 12x2 motor
LRP A.I. Automatic Pro Reverse Digital ESC w/ 10T limit
Dean's Ultra connectors throughout
Associated XP2 transmitter
HPI Typhoonz wheels
Pro-Line Speed Hawg 2.2 tires