Fawg - Dageek's Waterproofed Evader ST

Fawg, F#@king All-Weather Gitis, is the latest addition to my collection. It all started out of boredom and the inability to take my trucks out because of cold weather and snow. So I decided I needed a waterproof vehicle for things like snow, ice and water. I started searching around the net for used Evaders, since I already have a ton of spare parts for them. Then I remembered Special Ed mention that he was considering thinning his heard of trucks, so I bought his truck, Gitis.

Fawg is currently decked out with a Trinity Cobalt 2 16T Double Round Wire and a Duratrax IntelliSpeed 12T Modified Reverse ESC

Waterproofing blog:
2.2 Pro-Line Dirt Hawg tires in the rear with small chains cut to fit by me
Fullforcerc.com ski kit for Rustler/Stampede
Plasti-dip/spray and balloon steering servo and rx
Plasti-dip/spray ESC and put in waterproof container I'm making
Waterproof aquacraft tape for seems
Snow shields made from thick lexan to block snow from coming up in to truck in the front and rear
Plastic cover for over steering servo to block snow from going in and enable the snow to slide out the truck

What's been done:

Day 1:
Snow chains for Dirt Hawg tires fabricated and installed on tires
Yellow Losi wheels painted Outlaw black and covered with an enamel coating
All electronics removed to clean out truck of all dirt
Sprayed seems on Rx and ESC with Plasti-dip
Plasti-dipped gear cover
Bled shocks. Refilled w/30wt rear, 20wt front
Installed black skull shock covers f/r
Day 2:
Finished sealing seems of Rx and steering servo
Put Rx and steering servo in balloon's and re-installed in to truck
Test run:
Got about 5 inches of powder in my cul-de-sac xmas morning and the truck ran very good in the snow. The chassis kept getting high centered on the snow and the chains were just spinning. I think paws would be better in the powder. I have since raised the suspension as high as it would go to give the chassis more clearance. I was suprised at the speed.
Day 3:
Zip-tied end of balloons and then sealed with silicone
Cut the bottoms off of 2 8oz sprite bottles, put the ESC in between the 2 and then sealed the seems and holes where the wires come out with silicone
Put velcro along side of chassis and inside body so at least the sides of the body will stay tight to the chassis to stop snow/water from coming in
Painted body red w/black windows and sealed w/enamel spray
Test run #2:
Brought da boy to work with me today. Went with the sand paws. The parking lot @ my office had about an inch of solid ice w/about a 1/2 inch of snow pack on the top of that. Immediately the truck shot off like a rocket and I almost hit 3 cars. Layed off the throttle a bit on the next pass and it was a much more controlled run. The skis worked great. Made 3 or 4 more high speed runs, then decided to use a snowbank as a ramp and I broke a knuckle arm. Will fix when I get home and tear up my cul-de-sac.

Here are Fawg's details and some pics....

Duratrax Evader ST
Trinity Cobalt 2 16T Double Round Wire
Duratrax IntelliSpeed 12T Modified Reverse ESC
Hobbico Command Super Torque BB MG Servo CS-70
JR Racing R125 2 ch racing rx am 75MHz
Stock body (red)
T-Bone Racing rear bumper
Dean's Ultra connectors throughout
Black Skull Shock Covers
FullForceRC Ski Kit for Stampede/Rustler
Pro-Line Dirt Hawg II tires w/chains (rear) or
Pro-Line Sand Paw (rear) or
Pro-Line Sling Shot (rear)