Dageek wanted a place to store information about all of the extra crap we've collected for our machines. So here it is...The Geek Garage (where else would you store extraneous crap?). We'll also use this page to share photos that aren't specific to one vehicle or the other (unless they fall into what could easily be considered a "Garage" category).

The first
family photo

Ready for bashing

Ready for cleaning

The second
family photo

Special Ed in
Dageek's garage

Stitch gets lit up

Our Moab garage

Pedro bit off more
than he could chew

Ed's Garage

...and again

Special Ed's boys

Special Ed's Bodies

Family Photo
Sept. 2006

Ripper, Shlimp
& Gitis

Dageek's boys

The ramp we built
with instructions from

Big Squid R/C

Thanks guys!

Family Pic April '07

Ed Taking Photos

Ed's Boys

Family Pic May '07

Ed and Shlimp

'Nother Family Photo May '07

Makeshift ramp for bashing

Mom & Pop's Garage

...and again

The Geek Transport

The Geek Brothers
(Thanks, Frentor)

DaGeeks boyz chillin'
by the fire!

Here are Dageek's goodies:

For Dageek's Bodies Page CLICK HERE

Associated Pro .21R engine
OSX .15 Engine
Traxxas 2.5R racing engine
Traxxas Pro .15 engine (broken)
Orion Revolution 12x2 motor
Orion Havok 15x2 motor (2)
Photon Speed 20t motor
Trinity Green Machine 3 27t (laydown brushes)
Trinity Midnight 2 stock 27t
Trinity P2K2 27t
Novak RMF Sport Brushless System 8.5
Castle Creations Mamba Max ESC/5700kV/Motor combo

Hobbico ESC/Receiver combo (Buzz)
2 Duratrax IntelliSpeed 12t mod ESC

Futaba Magnum 2PL
Futaba Magnum JR
2-Channel piston grip
Traxxas TQ3 27 MHz AM

Pro-Line 40 Series Bowties tires on chrome Mambo Wheels(full set f/r)
Pro-Line 40 series Maxx Road Rage Tires on Velocity 6 Wheels(full set f/r)
Pro-Line Maxx Paddle tires (rear)
Pro-Line Road Hawg II 2.2 tires (full set f/r)
Traxxas T-Maxx stock tires/wheels (full set f/r)
HPI Mesh MT 2.2 chrome wheels (full set f/r)

DuraTrax Piranha AC/DC Digital Peak Charger NiCd/NiMH
Hobbico AC/DC 900 Charger
MRC Superbrain 959 AC/DC Charger

7-Cell Batteries

6-Cell Batteries
3 - Associated Reedy GP3300 sport pack
7.2v 1100mAH NiMH battery pack (Buzz)

5-Cell Batteries
Ballistic 2500mAH NiMH RX pack

Blue Lightning Shock Covers by Savage Shock Covers
Green Snakeskin Shock Covers by Savage Shock Covers
Black Shock Covers by Savage Shock Covers
Checkered Shock Covers by Savage Shock Covers
Roll cage
Chassis for T-maxx Pro .15
3 sets of Traxxas A-Arms
4 f/r stock bumpers
Blue aluminum shock towers F/R
Traxxas stock 2.5R plastic exhaust pipe (black)
2 tranny's
Complete T-Maxx screw replacement kit
Glow-plug igniter
Hobbico 4-way wrench w/plug storage
5 piece Dynamite hex head screwdrivers
DuraTrax FlashPoint Infrared Temperature Gauge

Here are Special Ed's goodies:

For Special Ed's Bodies Page CLICK HERE

Novak HV-Maxx 4.5
Novak HV-Maxx 4400
Novak SS4300
Novak Velociti 6.5R
Orion Method R Pro 15x2
Tamiya GT Tuned 25 Turn
2 Traxxas Titan 550 (E-Maxx Stock)
2 Trinity D6 12x2 Flat Wound
2 Trinity Monster Horsepower Stock (27 turn)
Trinity Monsters of Touring 13x2
2 Trinity P2K2 Pro Stock (27 turn)
Trinity Speed Gems 10x2

Duratrax Intellispeed 12T
LRP A.I. Automatic Pro Reverse Digital w/ 10T limit
LRP IPC (No Reverse)
Novak EVX (E-Maxx Stock)
Novak GTB
2 Novak HV Brushless
Novak Super Sport Brushless
Team Losi Sport by Novak

AE Airtronics 27 MHz AM
AE XP2 27 MHz AM
2 JR XR2i 75 MHz AM
Spektrum DX2 w/ (2) SR3000 Rx
Traxxas TQ3 27 MHz AM

HPI Yokohama Geolandar M/T 2.2 tires (full set f/r)
HPI M-Compound Radial tires 26mm(full set f/r)
HPI V-Groove Super Radial tires 26mm(full set f/r)
HPI Vintage Racing D-Compound tires 26mm (full set f/r)
Imex Dirt Dawg monster truck tires (full set f/r)
Jaco 2-Stage Foam Double-Pink tires 26mm
Jaco 2-Stage Foam Double-Pink/Orange tires 26mm
Pro-Line Blade 2.2 front tires
Pro-Line Bow-tie 2.2 rear tires (3 pairs)
Pro-Line Dirt Works 2.2 front tires
Pro-Line Edge 2.2 front tires (2 pairs)
Pro-Line Gladiator II 2.2 rear tires (4 pairs)
Pro-Line Hole Shot T 2.2 rear tires
Pro-Line Moab 2.2 tires (full set f/r)
Pro-Line Mohawk 2.2 front tires
Pro-Line Paddle monster truck tires
Pro-Line Sand Paw 2.2 rear tires (2 pairs)
Pro-Line Speed Hawg 2.2 tires (full set f/r)
Team Losi 8 Rib (Red compound) front truck tires
Team Losi King Pin (Red compound) rear truck tires
Team Losi Taper Pin (Pink compound) rear truck tires (2 pair)
Team Losi Taper Pin (Red compound) rear truck tires
HPI Mesh black 2.2 wheels (full set f/r)
HPI Spike 2.2 truck wheels (full set f/r)
HPI Super Star 5-spoke black wheels 26mm (full set f/r)
HPI Typhoonz 2.2 Truck wheels (full set f/r)
HPI Vintage 5-spoke Matte Chrome wheels 26mm(2 pair)
Maximizer Products Beadlock Black 5-Hole wheels (full set f/r)
Pro-Line Monster Truck White Dish wheels
Pro-Line Speed 10 Chrome wheels 26mm (full set f/r)
Team Losi Adam Drake 2.2 front (1 pr) and rear (2 pr) wheels
Team Losi yellow, white and red 2.2 wheels (fronts and rears)

Duratrax Piranha Digital Peak Charger
MRC Super Brain 977 Charger

7-Cell Batteries
2 Maxamps IB3800
4 Maxamps IB4200

6-Cell Batteries
1 GP 3700
3 McNair 3200
3 Maxamps IB4200
1 Peak Racing PowerMax 2400

Complete E-Maxx stock suspension kit
Stock chassis braces
Stock E-Maxx shocks
Complete E-Maxx replacement screw set
Complete Evader ST replacement screw set
Complete Factory Team TC3 replacement screw set
Complete TC3 shock spring set
Duratrax white (soft) springs ( 2 sets front/rear)
Duratrax yellow (medium) springs (4 sets front/rear)
Team Losi 2.5" red (2.6lb) rear shock springs
Team Losi 2.0" orange (2.9lb) front shock springs
Team Losi 2.5" orange (2.9lb) rear shock springs
Team Losi 2.0" green (3.5lb) front shock springs
Team Losi 2.5" green (3.7lb) rear shock springs
Team Losi 2.0" blue (3.9lb) front shock springs
Team Losi 2.5" blue (4.1lb) rear shock springs
Skull Shock Covers by Savage Shock Covers
2 T-Bone Racing "Racer" bumpers (front/rear)
T-Bone Racing "Basher" bumpers (front/rear)