Norm - Special Ed's Baja 5B Ed's addicted to R/C vehicles. There's no saving him either. It just seems to get worse as time goes on. This was an early Christmas/birthday/bribe present from Mrs. Ed :-)

Norm is an HPI Baja 5B, 1:5 scale buggy. The Baja 5B comes totally RTR except for the batteries needed for the transmitter. It even comes with a receiver battery...though it's NiCD so has to be replaced (and was immediately replaced with an IB4200 5-cell NiMH). The stock 23cc Fuelie motor has got some pep but could use a little help so Ed got a DDM Dominator pipe to assist in that department. It should actually help a lot...but it's loud so we'll only run it when the obnoxious neighbors are sleeping :) He also got a X-Can pipe for those times when he's bashing hard and the DDM pipe would be compromised. Some other things that got installed are: a custom-painted body (stock body doesn't suit the skinny man) and carbon fiber chassis components (the stock purple aluminum also doesn't suit). Ed has already replaced the stock tx/rx with Spektrum components (DX3.0 tx and SR3000 rx). The stock tires are great for off-road but would soon get worn down running on the street so Ed got a set of street tires for when he wants to pound the asphalt or hard packed surfaces. He also got a set of sand paddles for dune trips.

UPDATE 11/17/09:
It's been awhile since I updated this page and lots has changed. The biggest change is that yesterday I added a B-Dub86 Sandrail cage to act as Norm's outer shell. When we move into the new house and I have all of my tools and equipment setup, I'll be fabricating lexan body panels to dress him up. In case you found this by searching for his cages, B-Dub86 produces an awesome product. I'm really glad I chose it over the HBZ and RC4WD cages.

So I think this list is fairly up-to-date:

  • ADA billet rear hub carriers
  • ADA billet intake manifold
  • Bad Horsie shock covers
  • DarkSoul steel front bumper
  • DarkSoul front and rear axle extenders
  • DarkSoul "Meaty Bones" driveshaft kit
  • DarkSoul "silver" enclosed axle nuts
  • DDM high response clutch spring
  • DDM Pro-Match IB4200 5-cell (6.0V) NiMH receiver battery
  • DieMaster Pico failsafe
  • Fast Eddy "Pro Series" bearing kit
  • Fast Eddy "Pro Series" shim kit
  • Fishyguy blue LED lights
  • GBE Dual Stage air filter
  • Geek Brothers front and side lexan windows
  • GH billet front arms (upper & lower)
  • HBZ front LED kit
  • Hi-Tec HS-645MG throttle/brake servo
  • HPI 3000mAh 5-cell (6.0V) NiMH receiver battery
  • HPI SFL-10 metal gear servo upgrade
  • HPI heavy duty 48-tooth diff gear
  • HPI heavy spring front/rear
  • HPI heavy duty driveshafts
  • HPI heavy duty 18T pinion
  • HPI black anodized main chassis
  • Hostile Hobbies MX tires (rear)
  • LunaTik "No melt" carbon fiber rear brace for DDM pipe
  • LunaTik stainless steel turnbuckles
  • Modified RC billet clutch cover
  • Modified RC billet front light pod mount
  • Outerwears pullstart pre-filter
  • Outerwears air filter pre-filter
  • Outerwears shock covers
  • OutFrontFrames (OFF) carbon fiber parts:
  • PhatDad front and rear shock shafts
  • Pro-Match IB4200mAh 5-cell (6.0V) NiMH receiver battery
  • Python Enclosed clutchbell carrier
  • Python billet pullstart cover
  • Rhino carbon fiber roof scoop
  • Rhino billet choke lever
  • Spektrum SR3000 rx and DX3.0 tx
  • TGN Redneck two stage pre-filter
  • TGN billet air filter cap
  • TGN X-Can muffler (3" & 6" stingers)
  • TGN rear brake upgrade (billet calipers/cf disc)
  • Turtle Racing steel clutch bell
  • Turtle Racing billet aluminum diff saver
  • Turtle Racing modified reinforced axle kit
  • Turtle Racing tower/mount combo
  • Slammer R/C Slammer Damns
  • Zenoah G260 motor
  • ...and more to come...........

    Here are some pics....