Stitch - Special Ed's E-Maxx

Special Ed fell under the same spell Dageek did and got the monster truck jones. After having his own T-Maxx for a few months Special Ed realized that nitro trucks are a royal pain in the arse. The constant tuning and cleaning just got to be too much for him. He therefore found a sucker to buy his T-Maxx (it's the one named "Ripper" that is now owned by Dageek) and went in search of another monster truck to work with.

The net result was an E-Maxx. Special Ed went this route because he was already familiar with Traxxas products and because the aftermarket support and hop-ups are plentiful for the E-Maxx vehicle. The stock E-Maxx was a little slow so Ed decided to put a brushless motor into it. The motor of choice ended up being the HV-Maxx 4400 by Novak. This motor has tons of torque and significantly increased the top-end speed.

Along with the new powerplant it was necessary to upgrade a lot of the internal parts that get stressed by the power of the HV-Maxx. Special Ed installed new idlers, steel CVDs all around and a Robinson Racing heavy duty slipper. The final piece of the pie was the Traxxas wheelie bar. Ed had to get one to preserve the bodies because the HV-Maxx has so much torque that the truck ended up on its lid due to its constant wheelies. Stitch is now one tough and fun machine. Ed still has to deal with getting a better servo because he knows one day he'll end up stripping the gears in the stock one. But...that's part of the fun of this hobby.

!!!UPDATE 11/27/06!!!
The original HX-Maxx 4400 was having some heat issues. He only wanted to run for about ten minutes before thermalling. We found quite a bit of info stating that this is a known problem with the 4400 model. Special Ed took the 4400 out and replaced it with the newest version of the HV-Maxx - the 4.5. Holy shiznit is Stitch fast now. It supposedly only has an extra 400 RPM/V but it sure amounts to a lot more speed. Ed has had to learn a whole new way of braking in order to keep Stitch from going ass over tin cup!!!

Here are Stitch's details and some pics....

Traxxas E-maxx (2006)
Fastlane Machine Aluminum Shock Towers
Integy Aluminum Type II Front and Rear Bulkheads
Integy Aluminum Bulkhead Braces (f/r)
Team Blue Star F/R Aluminum Body Posts (silver)
Pro-Line Powerstroke Shocks w/ Extra Firm Springs
Novak HV-Maxx 4.5 Brushless Motor System
Dean's Ultra Connectors Throughout
MIP CVDs (f/r)
Kershaw Designs Center Dogbones
Robinson Racing Heavy Duty Slipper
Steel Idler Gears (for 1st and 2nd)
Geared 70T (Spur) 12T (Pinion)
Blue Aluminum Skid Plates (front/tranny/rear)
Blue Aluminum Chassis Braces
Gorillamaxx Battery Straps
Imex Dirt Dawg Tires
Maximizer Products 5-Hole Composite Beadlock Wheels
Intellect Brothers ib4200 and ib3800 7-cell Battery Packs (matched and zapped)
Hitec HS-645MG Steering Servo