Who is Special Ed?

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Name: Special Ed

Physical Age: 39

Mental Age: 12

Aliases: Stitch, Zipperhead, Toofpik, Pencil-necked Geek

RC Vehicles: Stitch, Shlimp, Devo, Gitis, Cephus, Tiny, Sampson, Norm

Special Ed is the owner of John Wise Photography. In another life he is a project manager for an international printing company. Ed's wife describes him with one word...simple. He's got an on and an off switch and not much in between. The only problem is you never know which personality is going to show up when you flip the switch. Usually it is the sedate child-like Ed that comes to the forefront. However, the others have been known to show up when they're least expected...or least wanted. For instance, the evil Zipperhead tends to appear when they're out pretending to be normal people in polite society. Imagine trying to have a normal conversation with your boss and having your husband scream, "F**k you if you don't like what I say. F**k you and all the games you play. F**k you and the idols that you worship. F**k you and f**k all of your bullsh*t." It's a real hoot...especially if you've had more than a six-pack of Killian's to drink.

Anyhoo...that's the rare side. Generally Ed can be found in his basement tinkering with his toys. He used to spend a lot of time messing around with an old T-Maxx Pro .15 that he bought from a pawn shop until it made him so angry he sold it to Dageek. He then switched to a HobbyZone Firebird Freedom. He bought that in November 2005 and never put it in the air (he's a bit of a wimp I suppose). He would occasionally fire it up and watch it zoom across the floor of the basement just to be sure the rubber nose cone is strong enough to sustain the impact. Still, in the end Ed opted to sell the plane because he just didn't have the burning desire to fly it.

As of this date, Special Ed has eight vehicles. The first to come after the plane was his E-Maxx, Stitch. Stitch is a brushless monster into which Ed has put a lot of love and time. Next came Shlimp, the Team Losi XXX-T. Then came his Duratrax Evader ST, Devo. Devo's spare parts gave birth to the second Evader ST, Gitis. The XXX-T got a new brushless (Novak SS4300) powerplant several months after he came onboard because Dageek decided to destroy the orginal motor doing donuts (it had to be said). Since then, Shlimp has been upgraded to a Novak Velociti 6.5R brushless system. The ESC will handle both brushless and brushed motors so Ed will only have to swap motors and ESC profiles when he puts the P2K2 Pro in Shlimp for racing. Devo is running a Novak SS4300 brushless combo whereas Gitis runs an Orion 16T. All three stadium trucks are much faster than their stock forms...just the way Special Ed likes it (if only he knew how to drive them). Then there's Cephus, his Team Associated TC3 4WD touring car running a Trinity D6 12x2. Ed always wanted a touring car but kept getting sidelined by trucks. Since Dageek wasn't pushing Ed towards another truck, Ed got to fulfill his dream...a screaming fast on-road car. Of course that wasn't enough for Ed so he went big and got Tiny, a 1:5 scale XRC RC-1 2WD onroad car. It's a Chinese made version of a Technokit and is a decent machine. He got much better when Ed put in the Zenoah G260RC motor. Since Ed had the big boy now he decided to get a little fella to balance out the group. That's where Sampson, a Team Losi Mini-LST2, came into play. What a fun little bugger to drive. He's powered by a Mamba-25 6800KV motor/ESC combo. Last, but in no way least, is the present Mrs. Ed bought Ed for Christmas... Norm, a 1:5 scale HPI Baja 5B buggy. Powered by a CY 23cc motor and decked out in black aluminum and carbon fiber, Norm is as slick looking as he is fun to drive. Ahhhhh... addiction...it can be refreshing :) Baja 5B

Ed, Short Bus
and Little Man

Ed and the
original Devo

Ed and the
updated Devo

Ed and Stitch

Ed and Cephus

Ed working
on Gitis

Special Ed in the

Special Ed working
on Neo at MHOR R/C

Special Ed working on
Stitch at Carter Lake

Special Ed w/ Stitch

Special Ed stepped
in fertilizer